It is not God; It is God-like

You must hav e read news claiming Artifical Intelligence would take away our jobs, marriages with robots would start, and it would bring the end of humankind. What do we know about this doomsday machine, which is believed to take over our businesses first, then our spouses, and finally bring an end to humanity? How will the consciousness that would empower the robots to act on their own be insufflated to them? Will this doomsday machine do all these without the knowledge and authorization of the Creator who claims to be the God of all times and creator of everything? How will the religions be affected? Will Virtual God destroy faith, or will it renew it?;

We have been so sure that we were not living in a dream, and everything was real for millions of years that we kept asking the questions, "Where did we come from and why?" which could take us nowhere. We never thought of asking the principal questions I have been asking, "Where do we live in and how do we know this?" which brought me nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015-2017. When the border between virtual reality and reality disappears soon, we will be forced to ask, "Which one is real, which one is virtual? Which one is human, which one is divine?” You can be sure that your perspective on yourself, your partner, your work, your environment and your experiences will change forever once you start living in a world where you can never be sure of its reality.

Virtual God is the name of the artificial intelligence-based universe machine created by humans enabling them to live in virtual (illusionary) universes, and it is like the God of those virtual universes. I describe the Holistic Peace stage as the discovery of God within ourselves by making use of the advancements in technology. I tried to explain it most simply through the love story that Ata and Maya characters will live in the future.

his book seats you in front of your Ark of the Covenant and invites you to be an Inheritor to the Book. It is written by examining the Holy Books and the old information to calm down deep concerns that will arise in the Paradox of God stage of the Golden Age of Knowledge we entered in 2014.

AYDIN TÜRKGÜCÜ (Holistic Projects 🌎 Bütünsel Projeler)

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