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I started the "Golden Information Age," the dimension where there is no time and space in 2014 with the slogan "Do not decide who creates it and how you will live before you understand where you live in!” I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 because I draw attention to Holistic Peace, which includes not only peace amongst people-people, but also amongst people-animals and people-nature. I sent an introductory letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, for the inclusion of a new category titled "Holistic Peace." Not winning a prize enabled me to find a better solution by motivating me to explore and think deeper.

Technological developments have overturned economies and societies throughout history. While the beginning of the Artificial Intelligence period, called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, was announced at the Davos Summit in January 2016, the real revolution has been happening in humanity as he was passing from the “BELIEF”  to the  “COMPREHENSION” phase.

Peace is where everyone comes together and lives in harmony with the same objectives. World peace will arrive when we (1) unite against extraterrestrial attack or danger, (2) have unquestionable proof of God. This book invites people to compulsory Holistic Peace using science and technology, while giving new answers to the existence of God and creation, especially from a perspective of the conscious artificial intelligence-based point of view.

This book, which will be distributed worldwide free of charge in Turkish and English as an e-book, with the aim of creating individual contributions to Holistic Peace, is asking the readers to make small favors to people, animals or nature and share these under #butunselbaris or #holisticpeace to spread the Holistic Goodness movement.

The over 100-year history of the Nobel Peace Prize shows us that there are many different paths to peace. The greatest platform acknowledged in the world is God's faith. When we find indisputable evidence to the existence of God by using faith together with science and technology in the course of philosophical inquiries, Holistic Peace will prosper spontaneously. Initiating the Holistic Peace Category in the context of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize with the inclusion of the first award to myself as I place my candidacy once again, will be a great opportunity and inspiration for all those Good People who work for Holistic Peace around the world.

With Love and Respect


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